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My First Band - Kuulumiset

My First Band Hi all! I hope you've all had an exciting turn of the year. I've been working on stuff in London for a while now and decided to drop a couple of lines since there's news I'd like to share. As you know we've been making lots of songs and releasing some for a while now. While it's been as inspiring as it always is, something new, and a bit weird started to happen after UMK-contest a year ago. Few weeks after the contest I started having new song ideas, which is normal but this time they were even more on a personal level than maybe ever before. Call me a loon, but I deeply felt "the little guy" who lives somewhere within was desperately trying to tell me things. And you'd be a fool if you didn't listen to the little guy within. So we started talking and slowly new music started to form, but at the same time it felt like the music wants to be in a different box My First Band is in. Things escalated quickly. A few quick turns of events and I was offered a deal as a solo artist by Kaiku Entertainment, a record label born and raised in Helsinki. I got a chance to work more intensively on this new music that I've got in my hands. I decided to keep listening to the little guy and I said Yes. As the start of this year My First Band is going to take a break as I'm going on a solo career! The band is not quitting, it's only going to sleep for a while. All the guys in the band got my back, they're supporting me 100% and there's not even an ounce of drama behind this situation. We've made some awesome things and great songs together in the past and will continue to work together on other occasions, will continue to be the best of friends and best of men to each other. Lastly, I hope many of you can encourage, root etc. etc. for me and send nice thoughts as this all is exciting and very very frightening me (although the little guy says not to worry!) 2018 is here, better make the best out of it! Antti P.s. A million thanks for all the support we've received from you, the Families, fanclubs and communities living in FB and elsewhere. The past years wouldn't have been as cool as they were if you hadn't tagged along. We miss you. Hope to see U again soon!❤️ Kommentoi
Woot! It's only 5yrs from this Batschkapp gig? Time's a weird thing! This was a great one, who were there with us?
My First Band Woot! It's only 5yrs from this Batschkapp gig? Time's a weird thing! This was a great one, who were there with us?